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BalloonJoy Boston

Is a company  dedicated and specialized in the wonderful art of professional decoration and arrangements / Balloon Bouquets .

We enjoy what we do and we are made up of a wonderful  team of professional artists members of QBN (Qualatex Balloons Network), a professional organization dedicated to excellence in balloon decoration. As professionals, we are committed to offering our clients a quality service. We have as a priority the constant training that allows us to acquire new design techniques, providing an innovative service.

We know with certainty that balloons create atmospheres and communicate emotions in a uniquely effective way. We believe in the high quality of the products we sell and the professionalism of the services we offer are of great value to Balloonjoyboston customers.

We are very pleased to  the wonderful world of balloon decoration. The main engine of our company is the Balloon Twisting, Facepainting , Balloon decor, Balloon bouquets, Rose boxes, Balloon mosaico.
Something that we are passionate about is having the opportunity to surprise everyone in your  house. We have great experience in the entertainment of events and parties. In Balloonjoyboston we always have something original and special for you.

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