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We are a decoration company for parties, corporate events, children parties, Weddings / birthdays/ gender reveals/ baby showers/ sweet 16th / first  one / first communion / baptism/holidays,  also we have balloon bouquets, balloon twisting,  facepainting , rose boxes and more.  we have something unique for any occasion.
We guarantee the quality and the result, we keepm up with the latest trends in decorations.

Our best seller are balloon bouquet and garlands ¡!!!! They are our ítems star ¡!!

Balloon Bouquet : we have different sizes and prices, starting at $ 100. Please if you already have any design in mind you can send us some pictures and we will calculate the budget for you. We can customize any design with colors and theme.
This is our base price, we have something for everyone
Small $100, medium $130, large $160, xl $190, xxl $250
This is the base price but depends how many items you include .Also I have custom balloons, you can send me a photo and or text and we can added to the balloon or if you prefer we can print names or text on any balloons

*Custom balloons are $20 each balloon ( 18” foil balloon ).
*Signs or phrases, letter or more shapes balloons have extra charge.
*Delivery fee charge depends you cit.

Balloon decoration: Balloon Garland and balloon arch is fully customizable!! For any occasion a bridal shower, baby shower, weddings, engagements, birthday parties or bachelorette parties décor! Also we have backdrops, garlands, centerpieces, table runners. Quotes based on designs and measurements. If you have a particular design in mind tell us about it or simply send us a photo with an example and we will send you a quote!

We can customize any design with colors and theme.

Balloon Mosaico : big numbers, letters 60” real scale
Bunches: if you wnat something great but small  bunches are for you ( helium balloons)
Custom Balloons: You can custom your balloons , pick the balloon color, and the message that you want written on the balloon or you can take a great picture and add it on the balloons , this its a special gift
Balloon twisting and facepainting for parties. For the little ones of house
Rose boxes : a special gift , delicate and glamourous , also the box comes with special balloon deco
It would be a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to be a part of your event. I have excellent prices and promotions that will make everything easier, we guarantee the quality and the result, we keep up with the latest trends in decoration.

We service  all of Massachusetts and can deliver out of state  as well
We deliver 🚚 to your door! Everything under sanitary conditions!
Delivery fees apply depending in the city.

Smart / Balloon Practices

Balloons brands availablee, just the best for you project


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